Nappy Run Fun Run in aid of children with disabilities

Gearing Up for Nappy Run 2016!

Nappy Run is a project of the NCPPDSA to raise awareness about children with disabilities and to collect much needed nappies for them. Building on the successes of previous years’ Nappy Run campaigns, we are committed to raise the bar even higher with the 2016 campaign. Nappy Run 2015 saw a record number of people participating in the Nappy Run fun run/walk at the Joburg Zoo and we are delighted to report that we distributed approximately 20 500 nappies to centres for children with disabilities throughout the country. Again, a very big thank you to everyone who donated nappies and who participated in the Nappy Run fun run/walk. We count on your support of the 2016 campaign! We are striving to raise 50 000 nappies this year and aim to increase the number of fun run participants from a record 400 in 2015 to 1,000 this year. We rely on your support – for the sake of our country’s children with disabilities. Please help us spread the word about Nappy Run to help us reach our targets for 2016.

As in the past Nappy Run 2016 will kick off in October with an intensive campaign to raise awareness and educate the public on our country’s children with disabilities, the challenges they face, the conditions they are exposed to and to promote and enhance their rights to equality, dignity, non-discrimination and inclusion.

The campaign builds up to Nappy Run fun runs/walks which will be held in centres throughout the country. The main Nappy Run fun run/walk will take place at the Johannesburg Zoo on Saturday, 5 November at 09h00. (Saturday, 5 November is also National Children’s Day). Registration will start at 08h00. Tickets will sell at R90 for adults and R45 for children. Registration and purchasing of tickets can also be done online via this website from September 2016. Come join the fun – run, walk, wheel or stroll – on Saturday 5 November at the Joburg Zoo and help focus the spotlight on our country’s children with disabilities. And if you can, please bring a pack of nappies. All sizes are welcome but remember children with disabilities often need nappies into their teens and adult years so there is also a great need for larger, even adult sizes.

Please don’t forget to donate nappies! We’re calling on the public and businesses to come out in strong support and help us reach our target of raising 50 000 nappies with the 2016 campaign! You can also donate Nappy Rands from this website and we will buy nappies from you Nappy Rands. Remember that children with disabilities have a disproportionately high need for nappies due to incontinence being associated with various types of disabilities. Nappies are expensive and not affordable to many families. Most of our country’s children with disabilities are also poor.

Keep an eye on the Nappy Run Facebook page for regular updates on campaign developments

What is Nappy Run?

Nappy Run is an annual national campaign to:

1.) Raise public awareness and educate the South African public about our country’s children with disabilities and the conditions they face. The more the public is educated and sensitized the better the rights of children with disabilities will be realised and honoured on an equal basis with other children and the more they will be included into mainstream society. Children with disabilities who are in the majority also poor are severely marginalised, living on the fringes of society with even their most basic rights violated and denied.

2.) To collect nappies (diapers) from the public and corporates for children with disabilities. Incontinence is associated with various types of disabilities and children with disabilities have a disproportionately high need for nappies. They often need nappies up to an advanced age, often into their teens and even adult years. Nappies are expensive and not affordable to many families of children with disabilities. Children very often have to go without nappies and seeing a child “wet” is not an uncommon phenomenon. Having to go without nappies violates a child’s dignity, it is degrading, it causes discomfort and is also unhygienic. Diapers, or nappies as they are commonly known, are the most important incontinence management product for children with disabilities.

When is Nappy Run?

Although the public is called upon to donate nappies throughout the year, a committed drive to raise nappies and to embark on a public awareness raising campaign take place over October and November of each year.

Nappy Run Fun Runs

The Nappy Run campaign culminates in a national Nappy Run fun run event that takes place on the first Saturday of November to coincide with National Children’s Day. Through the cooperation of community organisations, universities, state departments and Associations for Persons with Disabilities, Nappy Run fun run events take place across the country. Keep an eye on our update page for information on Nappy Run fun run events being organised.

Nappy Run 2015 National Fun Run

The 2015 national Nappy Run fun run will take place on Saturday 7 November at 09h00 at the Johannesburg Zoo. Registration starts at 07h30. The 5km Nappy Run fun run is the highlight of the annual Nappy Run campaign. Come run, walk, roll or stroll and wear a nappy in any which way and support the cause of children with disabilities! Entry fee is R80 for adults and R40 for children. Your entry fee gives you a full day access to the Johannesburg Zoo.

Who Runs Nappy Run?

Nappy Run is an initiative of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA) and is a joint project of the NCPPDSA and the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP).
The NCPPDSA is also the proud owner of the highly successful Casual Day fundraising project for persons with disabilities.

Nappy Run: A Brief History

Nappy Run started in 2011 and the campaign has raised over 300 000 nappies for children with disabilities since its inception. Donated nappies are distributed to families and centres for children with disabilities throughout the country. Handovers of donated nappies are posted on our Updates Page.

Nappy Run Updates

Visit our Updates Page for the latest Nappy Run news and developments.