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Our beautiful, bright and colourful Nappy Run t-shirts! The t-shirts are selling at R80 for adult sizes and R45 for the kiddies XXS and XS sizes. The t-shirts will be on sale at the Nappy Run fun run event at the Joburg Zoo on Saturday, 4 November. Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it to the fun run, but would still like to buy a t-shirt to support the cause of children with disabilities, please contact us.

South Africa’s children with disabilities say ‘Thanks!’

Nappy Run reminds the nation and its leaders that the human rights of children with disabilities must be honoured and secured

Nappy Run is a project of the NCPD (The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities) to raise awareness about children with disabilities and to collect much-needed nappies for them. The campaign runs from October to the end of November with the highlight being the main Nappy Run fun run taking place every year on the first Saturday of November at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Hundreds of people converged on the Johannesburg Zoo on Saturday 4 November 2017 to take part in the seventh annual Nappy Run Fun Run of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD). They came, too, to show their solidarity with and support for thousands of South African children with disabilities.

The Nappy Run Fun Run was the highlight of a two-month NCPD campaign for the rights of South Africa’s marginalised and forgotten children with disabilities. It also marked the start of South Africa’s Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM 2017) that ends with the marking of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December 2017.

Says Therina Wentzel, the NCPD’s national director: “Children with disabilities across South Africa say a huge ‘Thank you’ to every person who either donated a pack of nappies or contributed money for buying nappies.

“Nappy donors have made a huge difference to the lives of these youngsters, and have helped them gain the dignity they need to go to school and be included in everyday community life.

“Inclusion with dignity is a vitally important component of the development of all children. It’s all too often denied to children with disabilities, and especially to children with disabilities from poor communities and families. These youngsters are also denied the education that will enable them eventually to take their places as contributing members of the economy and of society.”

While the focus of the Nappy Run Fun Run is on “raising” enough nappies to see children with disabilities through the year, the fight for their inclusion into public life (and for their access to education) is a year-round task for at the NCPD; and for the NCPD’s affiliated provincial associations who care for South Africa’s children with disabilities.

The purpose of the annual Nappy Run is to remind South Africa – and South African decision- and policymakers – that the human rights of children with disabilities must be honoured, respected and secured.

The NCPD will make this its focus in November, as part of its observance of DRAM 2017 Says Wentzel: “We all need to take action. Leaders must commit to working for and investing in accessibility for persons with disabilities on all levels. Without commitment and action, our intentions remain exactly that: intentions only.”

More than 900 of nappies were raised at Nappy Run Fun Run 2017. The NCPD expects more nappies to be donated as the 2017 Nappy Run continues into December. However, for children with disabilities, there’s no such thing as having enough nappies.

“NCPD, and children with disabilities across South Africa, appeal to the nation to donate a pack of nappies or money for buying nappies. We appeal, too, to the manufacturers, marketers and retailers of nappies to donate these commodities in bulk to enable children with disabilities to go to school, avoid the health problems that dog them, and become included members of South Africa’s richly diverse communities and society.”

The Four Pillars of Nappy Run:

  1. Public Awareness Raising:

Throughout October and November, we embark on a public education and awareness-raising campaign, focusing on the rights of children with disabilities and the pervasive violation of their rights in the South African society. Through the media and on social media we will enlighten and sensitise the public on the circumstances of most of our country’s children with disabilities who are subjected to compounded marginalisation being both disabled and poor. We will talk about how they are denied even their most basic rights, how they live on the fringes of society without access to opportunities children without disabilities take for granted. With public education and awareness raising we foster respect for the rights and dignity of children with disabilities, redressing the stigma attached to them and combat discriminatory attitudes and practices. We aim for the public to be our partners as activists and advocates in combating rights violations and protecting and promoting the rights of children with disabilities.

2.  Raising Nappies for Children with Disabilities

Such a basic need, yet of life-changing necessity. Because of incontinence which is part of various types of disabilities, children with disabilities have a much bigger need for nappies and for a longer period than able-bodied children. They often require the use of nappies into their teens and even adult years. The reality is that nappies are expensive and unaffordable to many families resulting in children having to go “wet”. Having to make do without nappies compromises their health, dignity, comfort and freedom of movement. A “wet” child cannot go to school. Because nappies are so important for the well-being of these children, Nappy Run appeals to the public and business sector to donate nappies. You can also make a donation and we will buy nappies for your donation. Just click on the “Donate Nappy Rands” button on this page.

3.  The Nappy Run Fun Run

A fun and interactive way to support the cause of children with disabilities and make a public stand for this most exposed and vulnerable group of people in our country. Come join the fun and run/walk/wheel or stroll for children with disabilities on the first Saturday of November of each year at the Johannesburg Zoo. Remember to wear a CLOTH nappy in any way you choose and if you can, please come with a pack of nappies to donate. All sizes are welcome, but the biggest need is for children large and adult small sizes.

4.  Distributing Donated Nappies

Since Nappy Run’s inaugural year in 2011, we were able to distribute more than 500 000 nappies to children with disabilities in disadvantaged communities throughout the country. Help us to make 2017 a record year in raising nappies. If you would prefer to make a donation towards the purchasing of nappies, you can do this online by clicking on the “Donate Nappy Rands” button on this page.

Keep an eye on the Nappy Run Facebook page for regular updates on campaign developments.

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 What is Nappy Run?

Nappy Run is an annual national campaign to:

1.) Raise public awareness and educate the South African public about our country’s children with disabilities and the conditions they face. The more people are enlightened and sensitized the better the rights of children with disabilities will be realised and honoured on an equal basis with other children. Inclusion in mainstream society and redressing marginalisation flow directly from a well-educated public. Children with disabilities who are in the majority also poor are severely marginalised, living on the fringes of society with even their most basic rights violated and denied.

2.) To collect nappies (diapers) from the public and corporates for children with disabilities. With an association between incontinence and various types of disabilities, children with disabilities have a disproportionately high need for nappies. They often need nappies up to an advanced age, even into their teens and even adult years. Nappies are expensive and not affordable for many families of children with disabilities. Children very often have to go without nappies and seeing a child “wet” is not an uncommon phenomenon. Having to go without nappies violates a child’s dignity, it is degrading, it causes discomfort and is also unhygienic. Even mobility and the freedom of movement are affected by the lack of nappies. Diapers, or nappies as they are commonly known, are an essential incontinence management product for children with disabilities.

When is Nappy Run?

Although the public is called upon to donate nappies throughout the year, a committed drive to raise nappies and to embark on a public awareness raising campaign take place over October and November of each year.

Nappy Run is part of the NCPD’s observance of Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM) in South Africa which culminates in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December.

Nappy Run Fun Runs

The highlight of the Nappy Run campaign is the national Nappy Run fun run event that takes place on the first Saturday of November each year at the Johannesburg Zoo to coincide with National Children’s Day. Through the cooperation of the NCPD affiliates, the Provincial Associations for Persons with Disabilities (APDs), Nappy Run fun run events take place across the country.

Nappy Run’s Impact

Since its inception in 2011 more than 500 000 nappies have been collected and distributed to children with disabilities in disadvantaged communities. Thousands of children throughout the country have benefitted, directly improving their quality of life. Through making nappies available to these children, the campaign provides a dire need and contributes to the protection and upholding of the rights of disabled children.

We raise public awareness through radio, TV, the print media, and social media and achieved coverage to the value of millions of rands.

Every year hundreds of people participate in the chief  Nappy Run Fun Run at the Johannesburg Zoo, publicly supporting the cause and making a stand for the rights of children with disabilities.

Please visit www.nappyrun.org.za for more information and current developments.

Facebook page:  @Nappyrun.sa

Twitter:  @nappyrun

Instagram:  @nappyrun.sa

Blog: www.childrenwithdisabilities.blog

Who Runs Nappy Run?

Nappy Run is an initiative of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities in SA (NCPD). Nappy Run is a registered trademark of the NCPD.
The NCPD is also the proud owner of the highly successful Casual Day fundraising project for persons with disabilities.

Nappy Run: A Brief History

Nappy Run started in 2011 and the campaign has raised over 500 000 nappies for children with disabilities since its inception. Donated nappies are distributed to families and centres for children with disabilities throughout the country. Handovers of donated nappies are posted on our Updates Page. Please also visit the Nappy Run Facebook page regularly to stay up to date with developments.

Nappy Run Updates

Visit our Updates Page for the latest Nappy Run news and developments. Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Nappyrun.sa