Nappy Run Fun Run 2022

Event Info

  • Time: Registration - 6:30am
  • Start: 05 November 2022
  • End: 05 November 2022
  • Location: Johannesburg Zoo
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Event Description

This year the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) celebrates the 11th anniversary of its Nappy Run campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness about children with disabilities and to encourage the donation of children’s nappies and adult incontinence pants from 03 October to 03 December throughout South Africa.

“Children (and adults) with disabilities often have a disproportionately high need for nappies though childhood and beyond; requiring the use of nappies into their teen and adult years”, says Therina Wentzel, National Director at the NCPD. “Disposable nappies are expensive and often unaffordable to the majority of families of children with disabilities. Without a nappy, children are often denied dignity, comfort, freedom of movement, and there is health compromised.”

Nappy Run undertakes advocacy and lobbying, while also raising funds to buy nappies for children with disabilities. The highlight of the campaign is this fun run that we host at the Johannesburg Zoo in November each year.

The NCPD makes a humble, but urgent call to all in South African to support its nappy collection drive by donating nappies, larger than standard baby sizes, or by making a monetary (Nappy Rands) donation towards the purchasing of nappies. Besides bringing Nappy donations to the Zoo on the day, Nappy Rands donations can also be made when selecting your tickets on Quicket.