Thank you to the Dis-Chem Foundation for their Magnanimous Support of Nappy Run 2019

The Dis-Chem Foundation’s support in multiple ways has enabled us to significantly raise the bar as far as our outreach to our country’s children with disabilities is concerned.  They have facilitated donations of literally hundreds of thousands of nappies, enabling us to distribute nappies to thousands of children with disabilities in disadvantaged communities throughout the country. It is the first time in the history of the Nappy Run campaign that we have been enabled to ameliorate the quiet suffering of children having to make do without nappies on such an extensive scale. The open arms and warm hearts with which the Dis-Chem Foundation has embraced Nappy Run to directly impact the quality of life of so many children with disabilities is held in very high esteem by the NCPD and will never be forgotten. They have engrained their caring spirit on Nappy Run and the NCPD.

The NCPD is very grateful for and proud of the relationship that was established with the Dis-Chem Foundation and it is our hope that we would be able to build on this relationship into the future for the sake of children with disabilities.

Through the Dis-Chem Foundation’s facilitation Procter & Gamble (Pampers) and Kimberly Clark (Huggies) came on board by donating truckloads of nappies in the NCPD’s Nappy Run campaign. Our deep and heartfelt thanks to these kind and generous companies. The donated nappies have been distributed to care centres for children with disabilities across the country to benefit children in poverty stricken communities. We estimate that approximately 4 000 children with disabilities are benefitting from these donations. Thank you!